About us

How everything began

The Austrian Orchid Society was founded in 1949. Back then the acquisition and culture of orchids was only possible for an elite small group of people. Orchids were expensive and you could only get them from other collectors or acquire some at orchid shows. Passionate collectors wanted to share their love for growing orchids with a wider public and therefore they founded the Austrian Orchid Society. In the year 2006 the Vienna Orchid Society was founded as a regional, independent group within the Austrian Orchid Society.

The Vienna Orchid Society

As the Vienna Orchid Society we focus our activities on promoting the culture, breeding and propagation of orchids. We support our members with extensive knowledge and personal contact in their efforts to grow orchids sustainable in their home. Statutes of the Society


Our board members
President Manfred Speckmaier
Vice-president Walter Bauer
Treasurer Wilhelm Mejstrik
Vice-treasurer Greta Schludermann
Secretary Christopher Panhölzl
Vice-secretary Liane Graber

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