Christopher Panhölzl

 That’s me at a workshop with Petra Stegny

Member of the society since 2015
Secretary of the board since 05/2018

Favorite orchid …
Brassavola nodosa and it’s hybrids.

My motto for life …
There’s still room for one more!

My collection consists of …
Warm growing orchid species and hybrids that I grow mainly on the windowsill. Additionally I got some miniature orchids in a DIY terrarium.

My biggest failure …
I killed my first Cattleya hybrid after repotting because I didn’t know what I had to do back then.

My biggest success …
Growing Masdevallia ignea successfully.

Secretary of the Vienna Orchid Society and Vice-president of the Austrian Orchid Society:
Christopher Panhölzl
Pezzlgasse 26/5
A-1170 Vienna

Phone.: +43 677 625 06 295