Wilhelm Mejstrik

That’s me (left) during the naming of a new orchid hybrid “Blumenkäfer” together with Johannes Käfer (right) at the international orchid show in Hirschstetten 2018.

Member of the Vienna Orchid Society sincet 2007
Treasurer of the society since 05/2018

My favorite orchid …
Laelia Anceps

My motto for life …
I am excited about ever orchid that starts blooming for me!

My collection consists of …
about 100 orchids grown on my windowsills that constantly changes due to new plants and unfortunately losses too.

My biggest failure …
The care of Phragmipedium species does not work for me.

My biggest succsess …
Growing and flowering Laelia and Renanthera species on the windowsill.

Treasurer of the Vienna Orchid Society and contact for the international orchid show at the Blumengärten Hirschstetten:
Wilhelm Mejstrik
Brunnenhof 10
A-1220 Vienna

Phone.: +43 664 450 32 61
Mail.: wilhelm.mejstrik@aon.at